Our Team

Lisa Ngo , PTA

Lisa received her Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) degree from Cerritos College with an emphasis in orthopedics, and is driven to promote the quality of life in her community through her keen interest in physical therapy. Lisa’s passion for rehabilitation is what drives her to work hard to meet the expectations of the patients and rehabilitation team. It is always gratifying for her to see and be part of the process of helping patients improve throughout their physical therapy treatment.

Lisa enjoys running and weightlifting for leisure. She can empathize on how frustrating and discouraging it may be to incur an injury, especially when doing an activity that one loves – that is why she is happy to have physical therapy in her life, as it also helps her personally. It fuels her passion to help others to recover from their injuries and illnesses so that they can get back doing what they were previously doing and/or the activities that they enjoy. (Not so) secretly, she also has a MASSIVE sweet tooth, loves to eat cupcakes, and drink boba often!