Lenora Aguilera, Nurse

October 23rd, 2019

“After being hit by a car and undergoing shoulder surgery, I had the absolute pleasure of working with the professional team at PerformaX.  Prior to beginning physical therapy I had been warned by people who had had a similar procedure, as to how painful physical therapy would be; in fact, a few had even chosen not to complete therapy.  I wish those individuals would have had the opportunity to receive their therapy through PerformaX like I had.

I must say that the physical therapy was indeed painful, but with the encouragement and determination of my team of therapists and support staff I made it through.  I always felt that I was a priority when I attended my physical therapy appointments.  I never felt rushed and my questions and concerns were always addressed in a a professional and compassionate manner.  As a nurse I see the complications of not completing physical therapy and the long term effects that can occur.  I will forever be grateful to everyone at PerformaX for pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.  Our team effort and hard work definitely paid off.”