Patient Testimonials

  • “PerformaX team, 

    I can’t begin to thank you all enough for all your incredible hard work. This has been a very long recovery road for me. This injury could have easily been career ending, but with all your guys help over the last several months I feel stronger than ever and confident to get back to athletics and dance again. ” 


  • “I am so grateful to have found PerformaX, Jorge my therapist is caring, and very educated relating to helping me function fully. Dwight diagnosed me, Bow and Nataly oversee my exercise and give me feedback as well. Most importantly I have lost many of my phobias related to falling and balance. I am mentally and physically stronger thanks to the PerformaX team. Once again Thank You All! Each and everyone is greatly appreciated. Steve and Victor are great, welcoming, and keep you laughing”.

    Laury Pulver

  • “Had a great experience at PerformaX. They definitely took the time to make sure I was back on my feet. Very caring, they were very friendly, and thorough with every exercise that they put me on. Thanks to them I’m now back at work feeling great. Thanks to everyone there.”

    Jacobo Armando

  • “Before I came here I was in so much pain. You guys are so professional; I’ve been feeling so much better. Thank you so much for your kindness and your help. I’d like to think Nataly, Brian, Dwight, Jorge, Victor (he is so nice), and Steven is a very nice kid.”

    Sylvia Lager

  • “Had a very good experience at your facility. Really impressed with the intake and the way Dwight asked me questions about my injury, then how everyone was able to help me get back onto my recovery. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the people are very friendly and approachable. Thanks for all your help, you guys rock!”

    Michelle Stevens

  • “This place is great, helped me to get better soon”.

    Francisco Espinoza

  • “My experience with performaX has been outstanding! Working in archaeology over the years, I’ve suffered various injuries in the field. It’s not the years, it’s the mileage. I’ve previously been treated by some six different physical therapy facilities. None have been as effective as the program offered by PerformaX. Their staff are an amazing team of compassionate, focused, energetic, inspirational, and professional therapists. I come in aching and leave bouncing and ready to tackle the exercise homework. While recovering from an injury is a struggle, the PerformaX staff makes it an uplifting experience. PLUS, these folks are just plain nice!!!!”

    Dana E. Bleitz-Sanburg

  • “I am very happy and positive about my treatment at PerformaX. The crew is very professional and helpful, also cheerful. Makes my experience enjoyable and relax full. Thank you for your help and time. Keep up the great work, love all of you. P.S. Victor is the best on keeping me very informed. Thank you and keep up the great work.”

    Jorge Alcaraz

  • “Professional!
    Above the rest!
    eXcellent care!”

    Janet Mckenna

  • “I had a very loving and welcoming staff. All working together to accommodate all the patients. Besides, their knowledge and experience showed. Thank you to all of them that made this facility a good one and I recommend it to others.”

    Marie Batta

  • “Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to share my overall experience with PerformaX. My therapists were Dwight, Nataly, and Jorge. Their knowledge, care and friendliness exceeded my expectations. In spite of my busy schedule, Victor was always willing to accommodate me even if my appointment changes were made “last-minute”. Victor always showed patience and made sure my therapy sessions were scheduled. I am 100% likely to recommend this facility to others. I am now pain-free and happy to be back to my normal routine things to the staff at PerformaX. Thank you very much!!”

    Silvia Rodriquez

  • “The staff at PerformaX were professional, courteous, and informative.  They were attentive and seemed to really care about my improvement. The overall experience was a very good one. I can recommend them whole heartedly.”

    Mike Brosnan

  • “PerformaX is Great.  The comraderie between the staff is fun to see. Great music.  My therapist Chris was awesome, knowledgeable, caring, funny & informative.  The aides were all good too.  I would definitely recommend PerformaX to everyone.”

    Patty Mc Innish

  • “Stand up Comedy and golf are two of the most important activities in my life.  After an injury I wasn’t sure if I would be able to perform either one of them and then my Doctor sent me to Performax Physical Therapy for treatment.  From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted and treated in a clean professional atmosphere by a staff that convinced me they would get me back to 100%.  They did and I recommend them to all who will listen.  I’m eternally grateful.”

    Tom Dreesen, Comedian/Entertainer

  • “Steve is the real deal . He was the first one that could actually explain what was happening with my injury and how I had actually made it worse. He made sure I was paired with the right people and he took a lot of time with me.  I can be a handful – so that meant a lot.  He hires the greatest PT people.  I loved them all so much that I wrote an article about them on my blog and I stop in whenever I can just to say hi.  Even though they are not in my insurance network – I would rather spend extra on my co pay than go anywhere else.”

    Deirdra Vierra, Hairdresser

  • “PerformaX helped me get back to a physical, confident place that I had before my knee surgery.  I couldn’t have done it without their knowledgeable staff.”

    Theodor Fukumoto
    Senior Water Tech, City of Burbank

  • “I would like to thank everyone at PerformaX Physical Therapy for getting me back in action again.  I choose Performax because the entire staff is very respectful to everyone’s individual needs.  They use the most modern techniques and proper training to get you back to your normal activities.  My wife and I both highly recommend PerformaX and have returned to them for our Physical Therapy needs.”

    Tim Vierra
    Propmaker, Local 44

  • “After being hit by a car and undergoing shoulder surgery, I had the absolute pleasure of working with the professional team at PerformaX.  Prior to beginning physical therapy I had been warned by people who had had a similar procedure, as to how painful physical therapy would be; in fact, a few had even chosen not to complete therapy.  I wish those individuals would have had the opportunity to receive their therapy through PerformaX like I had.

    I must say that the physical therapy was indeed painful, but with the encouragement and determination of my team of therapists and support staff I made it through.  I always felt that I was a priority when I attended my physical therapy appointments.  I never felt rushed and my questions and concerns were always addressed in a a professional and compassionate manner.  As a nurse I see the complications of not completing physical therapy and the long term effects that can occur.  I will forever be grateful to everyone at PerformaX for pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.  Our team effort and hard work definitely paid off.”

    Lenora Aguilera, Nurse