TPI Golf Assessment

What is the TPI Golf Assessment?

Titlelist Performance Institute (TPI) has created a golf assessment to screen for physical Mobility or Stability deficiencies that may negatively impact your game.  Identifying key areas of weakness or inflexibility “timely” enough, will give us time to provide you with a program to correct the defaults, improve your game and prevent the injuries that result from these imbalances and compensations.

What Happens During a PMX® TPI Assessment?

The Assessment will take up to an hour.  Following a brief health screening, we’ll begin the physical test. Come dressed comfortably and ready to participate.  You will be led through a series of fitness movements that are key components of the golf swing. We’ll go over your results with you to assure that you have an understanding of how your findings might be impacting your golf performance.

What does the PMX® TPI Assessment Include?

Your TPI Pro will take you through a physical screening to determine what you can and can’t do (Identify Stability and Mobility Faults) and explain to you how this impacts your swing. Each assessment includes an online personalized golf fitness prescription that outlines and demonstrates exercises specifically chosen to help you to correct your deficiencies.

Is it Right for Me?

A PMX TPI Assessment is not just for those who have been previously injured or know that they have a physical limitation. It is suitable for any age or skill level.

We know the strength and flexibility your body needs to perform well and safely. We’ll work as a team with your golf pro/swing coach to assure that the body they are working with is well tuned and capable to perform maximally. 

To schedule an appointment in the PMX Golf studio with one of our pros, call them directly or call PerformaX elite at 818-953-4444.

That’s the PerformaX way! PMX® TPI Golf Products

TPI Golf Assessment . . . . . $130

A one on one Assessment designed to identify flexibility, strength and coordination deficits.

If not corrected, limited range in motion not only leads to golf faults but also physical injury.  A report of our findings along with common faults associated with the deficiencies are presented. In addition, a 4-week exercise program is created and emailed with active video to guide the client through their exercises.

Golf Assessment PLUS . . . . . $190 

(savings of $40!)  ​

TPI Golf Assessment + One Training Session​

The client gets to go over all of the exercises prescribed by the TPI professional in person. ​

One Training Session . . . . . $100

Client is instructed in exercise program designed by a TPI professional.

This program is great for the golfer who thrives while working independently, yet prefers a little guidance at the start of their training program.​​

TPI Re-Evaluation Session . . . . . $100